Why Promotional Items Should Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Promotional items have been used as marketing tools for years. They are a low-cost, effective means of reaching out to potential customers. From small businesses to big companies, these giveaways are always a fan favorite. Statistics from the Global Ad Impressions Study show the following regarding promotional items:  


  • In the U.S, the average household owns at least 30 promotional items. 
  • 85 percent of people who receive a promotional product remember the advertiser.
  • People under the age of 55 state that promotional products are their favorite form of advertising.
  • Items that deliver the largest number of impressions are headwear, t-shirts, bags, and writing instruments. These items deliver over 15,000 impressions total. 
  • The average length of time a consumer keeps a promotional product is one year. 
  • 51 percent of people say they are more likely to do business with an advertiser that gave them a promo writing instrument. A pen that costs $1 will have a cost per impression of less than 1/10 of a cent.


It is also important to recognize that over 60 percent of people share the promotional products that they receive, which increases the number of people that your brand reaches. Promotional products typically have your brand logo and message printed on them and help drive customer interest to your business. These items may include pens, t-shirts, calendars, water bottles, mouse pads, and more. 

Why Promotional Items are Crucial for Marketing


  • Low Cost and Effective – Most small companies cannot spread their message all over television due to cost. However, they can achieve their marketing goals through promotional products. There are a variety of low-cost items for startup businesses. Although the pricing is low, the impact is high. 
  • Brand Recognition – This implies that a consumer can identify your product when they spot your logo. McDonald’s for example, as soon as you see the yellow arch logo, you know it’s McDonalds. Promotional items help consumer recognize and remember your business. Studies show that 89 percent of consumer remember the advertiser of a promotional product as long as two years after they receive the item. 
  • More Exposure – When we see a billboard or television advertisement, we only see it for a few seconds. But promotional items often stay in front of consumers for days. Imagine a t-shirt that is worn regularly, or a pen that is used daily. This is an excellent way to increase the exposure your business has. 
  • A Creative Business Card – A promotional items works similar to a business card only with better results. When you hand out a promotional item it is a way to introduce your business to a potential customer. Most promotional products have your contact information just like a business card. 
  • Customer Loyalty – You don’t just want to build your client base, but you want to build a solid base of loyal customers too. Promotional products can be used to drive customer loyalty in a very short time period. If you use quality items, people will associate the quality of the promotional item with the quality of your business.


When you start thinking of ways to promote and market your business, think about adding promotional products to your marketing mix. Promotional merchandise is likely to create quite a buzz around your brand and company.